Annual Checkup

Our team strives to maintain long-term relationships with our patients. We always ensure that you are educated about caring for your dentures and that you have access to ongoing care you may need. It is critical to maintain your dentures to ensure maximum comfort, chewing efficiency, and appearance.  An annual checkup is an opportunity to identify problems and promptly resolve them to extend the life of your denture.

Mobile Service

At Durkalec Denture Clinic we understand that it can be difficult for all our patients to come see us. For this reason, we provide mobile services within North Perth, Wellington County and surrounding areas. This is just another way we provide our patients with outstanding quality care and the services they need.

Kindly note, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic all mobile services have been temporarily put on hold. 

In addition to providing Denture Services, the team at Durkalec Denture Clinic are pleased to offer the following:

Custom Sport Mouth Guards Custom Sleep Appliances Custom Whitening Trays Professional Denture Cleaning

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