Immediate Dentures

Have you decided to have some, or all your remaining teeth extracted? Has a Dentist advised you that you should consider having extractions? An immediate denture is an excellent alternative to being without your teeth because your smile is restored directly after your extractions. The denture is inserted immediately after your tooth or teeth have been extracted usually while your mouth is still frozen with local anesthetic. The denture will also protect the sensitive gum tissues at the extraction site and act like a bandage to control swelling and allow healing to progress, as well as help keep the gums and tissues free of debris.

What Can I Expect Post Insertion?

  • As healing occurs, follow up visits are required with your Denturist.
  • It may be necessary to place a temporary soft lining material to improve fit and minimize soreness; this step may be repeated as your gums and bone continue to shrink post extractions.
  • Your Denturist will review the treatment plan in place for you, once you have reached a stage of healing that may require a permanent fitting procedure such as: permanent reline, rebase, or new permanent dentures.

A great deal of time and care is spent in the fabrication of your new denture. When wearing a denture for the first time, there will be a lengthy adjustment period. The transition from having natural teeth to wearing a denture may not be easy. In fact, it is life changing! Perseverance and patience are the keys to success, and your effort will determine how quickly and how well you will adjust to your immediate denture.

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